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Executive Team Development / High Performance Team
  • “This has been the best training I have participated in throughout my working life and am certainly trying hard at putting into practice the concepts of the course. I am also really excited to see others consciously putting these concepts into practice and getting some great results.
    As you said, the trick is to continuously try and put these leadership concepts into practice so that it becomes second nature. One of the most important things that I have gotten out of this course is that I need to become more Self-Aware in order to Self-Lead in order to Lead Other. This causes me to examine myself more in terms of motivations, attitude etc which in turn will help me to lead myself and therefore others better.
    The material was delivered by you with an extraordinary high level of passion and enthusiasm. You took the time to make sure we all ‘got it’! The course has served as a catalyst for personal change in so many ways at work and outside work. It has opened my mind to many things and what I can be.
    You truly have a gift to inspire and to communicate without any confusing consultant mambo jumbo. I am very grateful to have chosen you to conduct the leadership development program for our board of directors at WKC.”Dan Utomo, Director HR, Wijaya Kusuma Contractors
  • Danke fuer die Unterlagen und den gelungenen Workshop.Das Team ist wie ausgewechselt. Sören Liebsch, Schott AG, Head of Site Home Tech/Head of Application
  • “Dear Pak Michael, many thanks for a great workshop. Personally found it very informative, extremely useful, good on so many points and fun… partly due to the way you structured the days and partly due to the very nice people that attended.” Bono Rumbiono, Director HR, Garuda Metalindo
  • “Thank you very much for an excellent two days with the BOD. I was very pleased with what we covered, how we covered it and the clear linkage to practical takeaways. All the BOD were very engaged and found it very useful. Obviously this is just the start, but I don’t think we could have made a better one. I look forward to working with you further on this.” David Fletcher, President Director, Bank Permata 

  • “Michael has facilitated a team event for me and my team. He had spoken to each of the members before the event to build rapport as well as identify areas of concern and challenges and areas that they cooperate well. Besides demonstration of excellent facilitating skills, he was able to help in resolution of some of the old issues. Will be keen to continue engaging Michael’” Global Head Learning & Talent Development, Asian Bank
  • ”The meeting facilitated far exceeded my expectations in terms of outcomes. In listening to our needs of bringing 2 teams together for the first time, he designed a program that brought people together and created connections that we can build on after the meeting! It helps that he is able to run bilingual sessions (English and Bahasa) and his insights and feedback is invaluable.” Regional Director, Multinational Food Manufacturer, Singapore
  • “I have worked with Michael in a couple of different engagements in Indonesia and Singapore in the area of senior leadership effectiveness. In both occasions, I sought his coaching skills to facilitate the improvement of team dynamics for senior leaders following a significant organization restructuring. He is an effective coach, who is able to bring the best in people to work together. What I like about his style is that he uses a simple methodology to encourage senior leaders to create dialogues, agree on resolutions and take actions.” Tim Utama, Chief Operations and Technology Officer, Singapore Exchange
Corporate Culture Change
  • “The Asian Leadership Centre team accompanied our team very successfully in developing a higher leadership level in our company. A systematical approach enabled us to bring different cultures together, strengthening teamwork and helping to develop leadership skills at the same time. It was a great experience working with ALC in a very professional way.” Peter Berberich, President Director Schott Glass Indonesia
  • “I would hereby like to express our company’s appreciation to PT Asian Leadership Centre which has delivered high quality of services in the area of leadership training and coaching.” Heriyanto Agung Putra, EVP Human Capital & Corporate Affairs, Garuda Indonesia
  • “We have found PT Asian Leadership Centre to conduct their business in a very professional manner, and to be extremely responsible and dependable. The quality of their work complies with recognized standards in the field.” David Fletcher, President Director, Bank Permata
Individual Coaching
  • “I would highly recommend Michael, based on his insightful, provocative approach. He is empathetic, yet challenging, and helped me to think deeply about my leadership style, stakeholder management, and cultural awareness.” Owen Belman, Head Consumer Banking Hong Kong, Standard Chartered Bank
  • “Ms Nila – You can enhance the clarity of my situation right now. Try to see what’s the real objectives, and now I should come out with clear solutions. I will do it! It’s really great to be coached by you, thank you.” Head of HR & Lean Management , German Manufacturing company
  • “Michael – Just want to let you know – I did remember your advice – i.e. prepare my mind before starting the conversation with Boss around my personal development . Really heartfelt thanks to the conversations I had with you prior to that ….as a sounding board and great counsel as to how this could happen.” Global Head Shared Services, Multinational Financial Services
  • “It was an amazing discussion with Michael. Clear, open-minded, guidance – I have a burst of energy.” Head of Global Ref. Management, Multinational Corporate & Investment Bank
  • “Nila, you have been an excellent coach through focusing & confirming the priority items which I need to focus on & work on when I go back to my office.” Global Market Head , Local Banking
  • “Michael is amazing. He put me completely at ease, was supportive, enlightening and helped me identify aspects of myself to both watch and work on. His nature and ability to get to the core of the issue at hand is brilliant.” Sales Director SEA, Multinational Food Industry, US
  • “This session was amazingly beneficial. Michael’s ability to quickly hone in on underlying issues was quite impressive and provided me with insights I’d never considered before. I feel empowered post this session.” Richard Duffey, BHP Billiton
Leadership Development Programs
  • “Mereka telah menjadi Instruktor yang sangat baik, sehingga dapat merubah pola pikir saya dalam melaksanakan coaching yang based on strengths. Yang anda lakukan sangat inspirational sekali dan membuka mata & hati saya bahwa dengan semangat, tekad dan ketulu- san hati bisa membuat orang dari ‘Zero to Hero’” Department Head, Indonesian Bank
  • “Ibu Nila, saya sangat berterim kasih untuk apa yang sudah diberikan dalam 2 hari ini, sangat menginspirasi dan berguna bagi saya.” Deputy Chief Aircrew, National Airline
  • “Anda memberikan enlightenment yang luar biasa kepada saya yang sangat useful dalam kehidupan saya” Senior Vice President, Indonesian Bank
  • “An excellent course that up-skilled my knowledge with sustainable benefit”
    Division Head China, Asian Bank
  • “Michael telah menjadi Instruktor yang sangat baik, sehingga dapat merubah pola pikir saya dalam melaksanakan coaching yang based on strengths” Head of Learning, Indonesian Bank
  • “Ibu Nila – Terima kasih telah mengajari saya coaching, saya yakin dengan coaching akan membuat saya dan orang lain menjadi lebih baik.” Chief Pilot, National Airline
  • “Both trainers were brilliant. I never learned so much about myself or outcomes as I did here – thank you for giving me this feeling.” Head of Organizational Learning Middle East, Multi- national Bank
  • “Nila Widowati, terima kasih untuk kesabarannya atas peserta training angkatan saya ini, banyak ilmu dan insight yang saya dapatkan selama training ini.” Senior Manager, National Airlines
  • “I have been delighted with the outcome and I can honestly say that this course has impacted the way that I am doing business in a material way. I have been able to ‘let go’ of some things and delegate out authority more whilst, at the same time, recognize that people in the team may not have had the appropriate recognition of where they are on the change curve.” Simon Cook, Regional & Transport Manager, BP Australia
  • “Ibu Nila, telah membantu meningkatkan pemahaman saya untuk coaching dan saya akan praktekkan.” Senior Manager, Local Bank
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