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We Facilitate Learning

Our Leadership Development programs are no one-directional training. With our ‘Facilitation Application-Approach’ we make sure participants maximise their outcome , change
their behaviour and mindset and can apply the learning in their work-life.

Cultural Fit

We deliver our programs in Bahasa or English, in a ‘serious-but-fun’ way. We use excercises,
experiential learning, simulations and a lot of interactions. We want to enable the participants
to learn at their optimum level.

Workshop or Modular

Our clients can decide for the best solution for their environment: we offer our content in 2- or
3-days workshops and in modular development journeys to make the changes ‘stick’.

Leadership & Talent Pipeline

We work with Senior-, Mid- and First-Level Leaders and Young High Potentials.

Customized Corporate Programs

I f our client wants to significantly change its Corporate Culture or when the overall Engagement needs to be enhanced we will tailor a specific and impactful program for you.

Services Overview(1)

Skills & Competencies

  • Situational & Authentic Leadership
  • Strengths-Based Leadership
  • 360 Degree Leadership
  • Priorities & Time-Management
  • Problem Solving
  • Decisions-Making
  • Strategic Leadership/Thinking
  • Effective Communication
  • Leadership Presence
  • Performance & Potential
  • Leaders as Coaches/Mentors
  • I nfluencing Skills
  • Millennials & Generation Gap
  • Setting Expectations & Accountability
  • Break Down Silo Mentality
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Effective Feedback Culture
  • Build High Performing Teams
  • Team Engagement & Performance
  • Collaboration & Excellence
  • Team-Priorities & Alignment
  • Effective Meeting-Management
  • Change Management Leadership
  • Inspiration & Motivation

Tools & Surveys

  • Clifton StrengthsFinder
  • ALC Talent Finder
  • 360 Degree Leadership
  • Leadership Style Assessment
  • Effective Communication Assessment
  • Learning Style Assessment
  • Corporate Engagement Survey
  • MBTI , DI SC,
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