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Increase Productivity With The Right Breathing Practice

Increase Productivity with the right Breathing Practice

How to use breathing practice to regulate nervous system & increase productivity

“In average, an adult breaths 23,000 times a day. By the time you reach 30, you will have inhaled and exhaled roughly 250 million times.” — Beyond the 9 to 5, BBC

That’s a lot of breaths, but how often do you actually aware of the way you’re breathing?

Quick, shallow breaths are the stem of inducing stress and anxiety, the last thing you need in your already busy and demanding modern life.

More and more major corporations are adopting breathwork and breathing techniques routine for their staff. The aim is to help them focus their minds so that they can improve the quality of their works.

Our nervous system is the embodiment of our mind. When we’re stressed or anxious, the brain sends signals to the nervous system to either fight, flight or freeze. This is known as the stress response.

What happens when we’re constantly in the stress response mode?